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Magnets are highly-effective magnets available with excellent and strong magnetic field. They are available in different sizes and dimensions to meet varied demands of construction, electronics, and other sectors. 
Magnetic Plates
Magnetic plates are great for different industrial environments. They work in a reliable, effective & economical manner. The magnets offer efficient cost-saving in applications like Food, Pharmaceuticals, Detergents and Minerals etc.  

Magnetic Trap
The Magnetic trap is a high-quality apparatus that makes use of a magnetic field gradient for trapping the neutral particles. This is helpful in the physics research and is applicable for quantum information processing, quantum optics, quantum metrology etc.
Magnetic Separator
The Magnetic separator is a high-quality device that makes use of magnet for removing the scums as well as other magnetic resources from metal. The versatile technique of the said separators is useful for preparing the sample for diagnostic purpose. 
Magnetic Door Catches
Offered Magnetic Door Catches are provided with simple working and can be easily fitted into the wardrobe as well as cupboards of kitchen. These boast of compact size and can simply hold the door as well as drawer in their closed state only. 
Magnetic Pulley
The Magnetic pulleys are the highly imperative magnetic products, used as head pulleys of the belt conveyors. These assist in removing the ferrous contaminants and create a magnetic field, which attracts the ferrous fines. 
Magnetic Rod
The Magnetic rods are suited for catching several materials such as screws, broken washers, nuts, bolts and many others. Offered rods are designed to attract the larger iron pieces and have the capacity to catch the contamination particles. 
Magnetic Grids
Offered Magnetic Grids are applicable for the sectors of plastics, pharmaceutical, ceramics, food, and many other industries. Located at the pouring point, these can filter the all types of magnetic ferromagnetic contamination.
Magnetic Hump
Magnetic Humps are used in those applications, where the the flow of material is upright. These are accessible with powerful high-intensity as well as robust construction and allow for simple assembling.